While TSSA does not have any specific requirements for our participation this coming season, we are still requested to observe the following:

  • Please wear masks on the sidelines if you have not been vaccinated and you cannot maintain 6 feet of separation from your teammates or opponents (also the assistant referee).
  • Please leave the field promptly after your game ends, especially if there is another game afterwards.
  • Please refrain from high fiving the referees or other players.
  • PLEASE respect the personal space of our referee crews when approaching them. Not only do we need to avoid high fives, it is also EXPECTED that you maintain a 6 foot distance from them when (RESPECTFULLY) asking questions.

Additionally, while some players have been able to play indoor or pickup soccer or to maintain their fitness in other ways, we are all aware that many of our players will be out of practice.  There will inevitably be collisions.  Please do not use the game as a time to take out your frustrations.  RESPECT your teammates, opponents, and referee crews.

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