When does KMSL play?

KMSL offers three Seasons per year (each team playing 8 games over about 10 weeks), usually occurring:

  • Fall - The second weekend in September through the first weekend of December
  • Spring - The second weekend in March through the first weekend of June
  • Summer - The second weekend in June through the end of August

Fall/Spring games are typically played at 2pm or 4pm on Sunday afternoons or 7pm on Wednesday evenings. The Summer schedule is usually more variable due to team/field availability.

Team Representatives are able to submit scheduling requests (which we do our best to consider) prior to the creation of the schedule.

The following are typically available relative to the first game of the season:

  • The upcoming season schedule; two weeks prior.
  • Player Registration; four weeks prior.
  • Team Registration; six weeks prior.
Where does KMSL play?

KMSL schedules games on Fields all around the Knoxville area.

While we can't guarantee your team will play at any particular location, we try our best to honor scheduling requests made by your Team Representative prior to the beginning of the season.

How can I join a Team?

If you are new to the area (or to soccer!), have valid identification and are at least 18 years old, you are eligible to play!

Sign up using the Free Agent form to get started, or send us an email at knoxsoccer@hotmail.com for more information.

How can I Guest Play within KMSL?

To be eligible to Guest Play within KMSL:

  • You must have completed Player Registration for the current season
  • You must be able to provide an official KMSL Photo Team Roster from your Primary Team for the current season to the referee prior to entering the game.
    • Digital pictures of your team's official picture roster are acceptable provided they show the board's signature.
    • Team Representatives are responsible for providing copies of the current season Official Photo Team Roster to players intending to guest play.
    • Website printouts (from your Team's page, Affinity or other) are not acceptable.
  • Division Specific Rules Modifications relating to the eligibility of guest player still apply.
How can I get a Player Card?

Most sanctioned Adult Soccer Tournaments require a valid Player Card to confirm a player has registered with the state and is covered by the Participant Accident Insurance (PAI). This registration is included with your KMSL registration fees.

To obtain an official copy of your player card, please email knoxsoccer@hotmail.com and allow for 2-4 weeks to print/distribute the requested documents.

PLEASE NOTE: Player cards expire every August 31st. If you plan on playing in a tournament in early September, make sure to register for the Fall Season as soon as Player Registration opens (typically four weeks prior to the first games) in order to get your player card on time!

What is this TeamSnap invitation I received?

TeamSnap is the league management software that KMSL adopted in the winter hiatus between Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.

TeamSnap is not required...yet.

Currently we hare handling Team and Player registration through our website and Affinity, respectively. The schedule and other useful will be available on the website.

Some TeamSnap features you and your team may find useful include:

  • Team Communication
  • Team Schedules
  • Field Locations

Going forward, we are hoping to migrate to TeamSnap for all registration, rostering and potentially fee payments.

What is the Refund Policy?

This is a notoriously difficult topic the KMSL Board has been required to navigate nearly every season. With so many players, there is inevitably injury or work/personal/family scheduling conflicts for someone on a team. While we are sympathetic to these topics, we have to draw a line in an effort to ensure fairness while minimizing conflict and preferential treatment.

Please review our Refund Policy prior to player registration.

What about Refunds for Weather/Rainouts?

We do our best to make up games cancelled due to inclement weather or poor field conditions, but sometimes we just can't make it happen.

Please review the Team Rep Responsibilities related to rescheduling games and our Weather Policy and Refund Policy for more information.

How do I find out about Game Cancellations?

KMSL Administration will communicate field closures through TeamSnap. Team Representatives are responsible to check the game status and communicate to their team. Updates to KMSL sponsored social media are a courtesy, but not guaranteed.

Weather related field closures will generally be updated by:

  • 10:30am on Sundays
  • 4:00pm on weekdays

Requests for weather related field closure updates prior to the above times may not receive a response.

Please be aware that ultimately our referees are responsible for our safety and may make a game-time decision to cancel a game based on current weather conditions.

What are the Severe Weather and Heat Policies?

Check out our Weather Policy for information about lightning and excessive heat.

What do I do for Injury/Insurance Claims?

Did you know that part of your registration dues go towards registration with TSSA and USASA and enable us to participate in their Player Accident Insurance (PAI) program?

Please review the KMSL Player Injury procedure for more information.

Team Representatives are responsible to ensure that injuries sustained during games are included in the referee's report prior to departing the field.


What are the current COVID safety requirements?

Players should remember that local government guidelines are changing as information and resources become more accessible.

Please review the latest guidance here.

Have more questions? Reach out to us at knoxsoccer@hotmail.com.

KMSL Mailing Address:

11405 Rock Springs Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932

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