Excerpt of a statement from the KMSL President:

It was an awful decision to make as we all know how much we miss playing, both for the love of the game and for the chance to socialize and feel like life is somewhat normal again. Please know the decision was not made lightly and that the board considered many scenarios before realizing that it’s just not a feasible or reasonable option for us.

As our board only constitutes 7 people who have full time jobs on top of running the league, as well as young families to care for, the manpower it would take for us to track teams, institute and monitor safety procedures, and constantly adjust the schedule just isn’t doable. Additionally, we don’t want to put our 650-700 players at risk when the reward isn’t worth it. Our league is a non-profit and has very little expenses to cover when there are not games being played. If we held the season and were continually canceling and rescheduling games, both due to rainouts and potential COVID-19 exposures, we would’ve lost significant amounts of money through field reservations not used, referee schedulers we have to pay regardless of if the games are played or not, field maintenance costs, and referee costs depending on when the games would’ve been canceled.

Typically our spring season starts in early March. As of right now, please plan on team registration opening on January 26 and running through February 9. Player registration will likely begin on February 9. The fall and winter would be great times to fortify your rosters as I think we will all be excited to play when March finally rolls around.

Please stay safe and we will keep you up to date if and when any new decisions are made.


Jenny and the KMSL Board